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Want to work from home?Let me help you.

Tired of living paycheck to paycheck?

hello everyone just recently i lost my job and was so stressed about how i was going to provide for my two girls. So i started googling how to make money online and sure enough i stubbled across a youtube video of a girl who talked about selling roadside assistance i kept watching and i desided what do i have to loose i can become an associate for free and start making money. And the rest is history my team and i grow everyday learning from one another. From day one of joining my team i will be with you every step of the way through ups and downs highs and lows ill be there for you.

This company has been around since the 1920’s. When i first told my family about this new adventure i was about to get myself into my grandma told me “yea i know that company i used to be a member until they took my license” it was a good thing they did she was getting too dangerous on the road. The company would have gone bankrupt with all the lawyers they would have had to hire just to keep her out of jail. Yes ma’am and sirs you read that correctly “hired lawyers” what other roadside assistance company would hire a lawyer to represent you if you got into an accident not AAA not all state thats for sure but motor club of america will. You can take that to the bank. So without further adew i would love to offer you the chance to join this amazing company with all these great benefits and help keep precious grandmas out of jail by referring them to this company and also making money while doing so. Here is how the referral program works.

      $80 per referral

  • 2 referrals= 160

  • 3 referral= 240

  • 4 referral =320

  • 5 referral= 410 plus 2.00 bonus per referral

  • 10 referral=840 plus a 4.00 bonus

  • 15 referral = 1290 plus a 6.00 bonus

The best part is you get paid by direct deposit every friday ask me how?

first go to tvcmatrix.com/fkdias08 and in the upper right hand corner there is a button that says become an associate click on that and fill out and send in all the documents the only thing you have to mail in is your state license if you live in a state that requires one all the rest you can sign using the app docusign. i promise you i will be here for you every step of the way. Again the website to join my team is www.tvcmatrix.com/fkdias08 Once you join my team i will reach out and get you access to the free trainings just so you know that you are never alone.You can always find me on all the social media platforms facebook,twitter,instagram,pintrest,snapchat. If you have any questions please please reach out to me and i will answer all the questions you have. Cant wait to see you on the other side.#letsdothis